Arthritis Nerve Pain Recovery. @Brookdale Oct. ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

Arthritis in the spine can be seen on an x-ray, but does not have to cause permanent pain.  The science shows if you move the bones and body, you can still feel strong and relaxed with arthritis.  This goes against the medical and common treatment of arthritis to stop moving and depend on medication for pain relief.  Listen or watch this workshop. Then you decide.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:50) Fight arthritis by moving.

(4:40) How Rachel recovered from arthritis.

(8:20) Get strong by moving joints first.

(10:50) Exercises for arthritic pain lying down.

  1. (12:20) For neck – Pillow stretch (video link)

  2. (15:35) For low back -Roll stretch (video link)

(20:15) Low back relief stretch lying down.

(23:20) Standing posture check (video link)

(26:10) Carlos demos sitting properly (video link)

(31:20) Proper walking with head posture demo.

(35:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Starting specific stretching and then build strength in good posture can stop the pain that comes with arthritis.  Don’t believe arthritis is part of aging; it has been proven to be a lack of motion.  Start these exercises demonstrated and take care of your health to stop the pain or other symptoms that come with arthritis.

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