Arthritis is Not a Death Sentence: Treatment and Recovery @Gibson July ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

When diagnosed with joint arthritis the common treatment is moving less and more medication.  The arthritis can lower your quality of life and become permanent.  NO! Current studies show motion can reduce the pain that comes with arthritis and stop it from getting worse.  These exercises and positions may not feel great when first starting a routine, but overtime your pain can reduce and disappear as you build muscle and flexibility.

Highlights (podcast times):

(3:15) How arthritis happens.

(5:20) Finding relief from early arthritis.

(12:15) Posture’s effect on arthritis -sitting. –video

(15:30) Knee pain relief exercise. –video

(19:00) How to rise from a chair safely.

(21:00) Neck arthritis relief with this stretch. –video

(23:20) Standing, walking pain relief exercise. video

(30:20) Neck, shoulder pain relief with breathing exercise.

(34:00) Help circulation with motion.

(37:00) Help arthritis pain with DAILY exercise-why.

(39:45) How to sit in a car to help pain.

(41:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

You are your best health advocate.  Do your own research to realize by daily exercise you can reduce or reverse the pain caused by arthritis.  And keep your body strong and flexibilible to prevent future arthritis.  This can keep your body feeling and looking good.

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