Advanced Balance Exercises with Warmup @Brookdale Jan. ’19 | Crooked Spine Show

Warm up your shoulders, back and legs to get ready for balance.
These balance exercises standing and sitting help muscle strength too.

(0:45) In bed or in a chair warm up exercises:
3 Shoulders Video:

(9:00) Shrugs for shoulders, neck, upper back.
The Shrug Exercise:

(12:00) Chair squat exercise for lower body/back.

(17:40) Rolling feet exercise for balance. Different steps.
(14:40) Side Step exercise.
(27:20) Feet crossover exercise.
(32:00) Review of these exercises.
(38:15) Long term benefits of balance/strength exercises.

(40:15) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Learn good balance and strength exercises will keep you injury-free and strong. Then staying relaxed and healthy and happy is easy.

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