Stopped the Medications for Pain and Anxiety; Back to Feeling Great. -William


William was off of work for 2 months.  He was taking medicine for pain initially, and then high blood pressure and anxiety due to the stress of seeing no improvement.  Then William had his second opinion at our office.

Here are the highlights from William’s story of his second opinion experience so far:

♦ Why William chose to stop his medical treatment; find a chiropractor.

♦Cycle of vague diagnosis & no medical relief->stress/anxiety->eating problem & high blood pressure.

♦X-ray analysis.  Comparing Williams to a standard normal low back x-ray.

♦William stops pain medications.

♦A second opinion may be all the difference.

♦William puts in the work to get healthy.

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Realize recovering from nerve, muscle or joint conditions takes the proper diagnosis of your condition.  Then any treatment should help improve your health, not simple take away the condition.  Then maintaining a healthy exercise routine prevents or helps recover from future injuries.

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