Build a Relationship then Website. Visit @San Antonio HS Nov. ’17 with Upland Chiropractor

As business owners move from the yellow page book marketing to the internet, they need to find trustworthy people to guide them.  These students are training to become techie experts.  In this talk today, I hoped to give these students a way to show their competency, and gain trust to build a win-win relationship with businesses.

Highlights (podcast times):

The value of working for free (3:20).

Build a good reputation, character (6:05).

Connecting with your customer (10:50).

Example of a student’s success (14:10).

How a student can get started (18:50).

90% distribution, 10% content to increase engagement (24:05).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (28:50).

This podcast/video should help students to communicate their skills to potential customers.  In addition, give business owners what to expect from a competent website designer or a social media manager.  Then businesses can be successful marketers on the internet, and these students can pay it forward by understanding how to provide their service.   A win-win relationship.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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