Parent Scoliosis Workshop @the office, August ’17


This workshop helps parents check their young children for scoliosis through posture.  Then if concerned, parents can get a detailed x-ray analysis by a Chiropractor.  Chiropractors can detect a scoliosis that needs to be correct naturally (without bracing or surgery) by chiropractic treatment and specific exercises.

Highlights (minute)

♦A mom/doctor’s decision of Chiropractic for daughter’s scoliosis (2)

♦Checking posture for scoliosis (4)

♦Child with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum and 40 degree scoliosis  @ 6 y/o (7)

♦Frequency of physical therapy…enough? (9)

♦Scoliosis x-ray analysis (11) –here’s my other one. (10)

♦Wait until 18 y/o for scoliosis surgery (13)

♦Doing your own research to test treatment options (15)

♦Does the medication “fix” the problem (16)

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap up

During this workshop parents spoke of their frustration getting enough physical therapy for their 6 year old son (who already has severe scoliosis), and being given different options of treatment, like chiropractic.  The exam and x-ray analysis during the workshop can help determine is their is a need for non-surgical, immediate treatment to correct the scoliosis.

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