Hunchback Posture Recovery and Prevention (Full Vid) @Gibson Nov. ’16


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Dr. Ratkovic gives you *reasons for poor/hunchback posture, *corrective .  These exercise videos are linked in this show’s full description.

Here are the highlights w/ videos (minute):

*Effects of hunch posture on muscles imbalance (2)

*Lower resting breathing (4)

*Starting exercise to improve posture (6)

*Proper walking to improve posture (8)

*Sitting towel stretch for the upper back (10)

*Shoulder recovery from bad posture (13)

*Neck exercise for upper back  recovery (17)

*Chair squat for lower back leg strength (19)

*Back shoulder muscle strength for upper back recovery (23)

*Back brace advice (26)

*Pillow advice (27)

Her are a couple short video clips (on YouTube):

Spinal Neck Neuropathy Effects

Spinal Nerves Affect Your Eyes

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