Chat to help Recovery from Spine Neuropathy (Full Video) @ Gibson July ’17


Good Posture, exercise and increasing spinal motion are ways to heal nerve conditions and tolerate more stress to the body.

In Dr. Ratkovic’s talk, he gives the cause and effects of neuropathy from spinal conditions.  Most importantly, treatment and recovery.

Topics covered.
-limited spinal motion leads to swollen or degenerated spinal disc.
-causes of nerve irritation that leads to neuropathy.
-stress effects on the muscle/skeletal system as well as the organs systems.
postures direct effect to neuropathy.
exercises to help neuropathy.
-much more.

Neuropathy Effects Handout

Here are the highlights:

Effect of Chronic Stress on the Heart (4:26)

♦Patient Heart Palpitation Recovery (6)

♦Your Body’s Nervous System development (9)

♦Bad Posture effecting Neuropathy (11)

♦Stress and Relax Nerve Balance (13)

♦Symptoms from Neuropathy Chart (16) Get Handout

♦How the Spinal Disc causes Neuropathy (23)

♦ Posture reduces Neuropathy (29)

♦Inversion Table uses (31)

♦Causes of Sciatica Neuropathy (37)

♦How to Improve Posture (40)

♦Posture improvement Stretch (44) –Here is the Video

♦Alternative to Medications & Surgery for Pain (49)

♦Using a walker Correctly (51)

♦Need to Stretch More (54)

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