Upper Back, Poor Posture Recovery Workshop. Step by step. @Gibson Sept. ’17

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Helping people understand how to fix poor posture begins with understanding how to set good posture.  This workshop gives the step by step to return good posture, then strength exercises to tolerate everyday stress.  Maintaining the good habits will make you look good, avoid injury and (for seniors) keep your independence.

Show highlights & specific exercise videos:

These steps before exercise (2:20). Video.

Start with the Upper Trap Stretch (4:50) Video.

Upper Back Roll Stretch (8:50) Video.

The Broomstick Stretch (19:50) Video.

The Reverse Fly Exercise (28:50) Video.

The Shoulder Press Exercise (36:20) Video.

Summary: posture, range of motion, stretch, then exercise (41:50).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (45:15).

Following this step by step recovery plan for upper back poor posture and health conditions allow your body to enjoy a relaxed state of physical and mental health.  Then the stress that surrounds our daily lives becomes manageable and enjoyable.

Please seek a consultation with a chiropractor if there are concerns with muscle, joint or nerve conditions through an x-ray analysis.

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

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