Upper Back and Shoulder Recovery Exercises @ Gibson Nov ’17 by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Looking for relief for neck and shoulder pain starts with understanding what is normal posture: test by standing relaxed against a wall with your heels, hips, back of the shoulders and head.  If not, then find out what is normal neck, shoulder, upper back motion then build strength.  Learn through this workshop.

Highlights (podcast times):

What is a normal/healthy upper back & neck? (5:45).

Your first stretch (10:30). –Upper trap exercise video

Starting shoulder pain help with this stretch (15:40). –Towel stretch video

How to prevent arthritis (21:20). Video Clip.

Overhead shoulder stretch (22:30). –Broomstick stretch video

Stretch for upper back posture (31:45). –Low Back Roll video

Build upper back/shoulder strength (38:20). –Reverse Fly video

3 shoulder strength exercises with Gloria (43:00). –3 Shoulder Exercises video

Why our body requires exercises (48:00).

Walking for better posture (53:20). –6 sec posture video

Exercise helps balance your hormones, better health (54:50).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (1:00.26).

Knowing these exercises helps you keep or improve your posture, shoulders and neck.  Then you can enjoy your normal daily life without pain or a need to take drugs.

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