Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: August 2022

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If your in the inland empire, hope your able to stay cool in this summer heat. However, this is not an excuse to stop or not start a health routine. Checkout these videos to keep you motivated.

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And Our last month’s referral basket winner is…Yeon Nam, Nurse at Pomona Valley Hospital.

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your coworkers and friends.

Highlights from this newsletter: Ray and Jason’s pain recovery stories; Have migraines? Courtney explains these lifestyle changes to help; Sara and Anastasia tells us the right exercises to lower stress; Learn low back pain recovery exercises in this workshop; Chronic illness help with Suzan; Rick’s advice for pain relief; Molie’s steps to starting a health plan; and a posture recovery workshop.

Watch the videos by going to the playlist links below.

Let’s get and stay health my friends😊

I. Patient Stories Playlist

I. Health Tips from the Experts playlist

I. Workshops playlist

I. Interviews playlist

I. Podcast playlist


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Your friend’s health is just as important.

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