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Here is the trailer video:


It’s been a few months since the Stay Home policy.

Are you staying HEALTHY?

Here are some exercises, mindset techniques, etc. to help you stay healthy at home.

The Colored Titles will link you to the specific video.

I. Short Clips playlist

Lower your Stress by Bookending Your Day

How Your Smile Helps Others

FREE Medicare Benefit. Anthony explains. 

Helping Child Mind Development by YOU being Present. 

Getting Uncomfortable to Get Healthy. 

I. Reviews/Testimonials Playlist

Do you think online Reviews are Important? 

Better Sleep. More Relaxed. Less Numbness and Pain. Theresia’s story. 

I. Exercise Playlist

4 Types of Plank Exercises for Back Strength

5 Better Back Exercises at your Home

I. Podcast playlist

CSP 064: Tips to Finding a Life Coach; and with Reiki? Guest Laura Medrano

Being a Good Neighbor

CSP 065: Knowing your Medicare Benefits to Save Money, Lower Stress. Guest Anthony.

Staying Healthy through 2020.

I. Interview Playlist

Get more Flexible. Derek and Dr. Tony. Episode 2. 

Exercise Routine: How Seniors can Get and Stay in it. Guest Coach Evan Russo.

How Movement Relaxes the Mind and the Brain -this is Why. Guest Christy Jones.

Healing your Body w/ Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and more. Dr. Atil Narayan, Natural Wonders Healthcare

Chiropractic Care is your Healthy Choice to Wellness. Guest Dr. Mehr, Foothill Family Chiropractic.

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