Dr. Tony’s Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: June ’20 | Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

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Are you ready?

Have you prepared yourself mentally and physically for this new normal society?

These videos will help you get your mind and body ready to get out and socialize (if you choose).

The Colored Titles will link you to the specific video.

I. Short Clips playlist

Axe Throwing -how to stay calm. Interview with Hannah Urhi

Benefits of “Fun” Exercise with Evan Russo

Understanding the Body & Mind Connection with Christy Jones

How to Lose Weight, Correctly, with Derek Wohlers

Chiropractic, Resilience, Helping Foster Kids -clips from each interview. 

How the American Diet Causes Heart Attacks

I. Reviews/Testimonials Playlist

Back Pain Relief…Again. Wes tells his Story

Back and Shoulder Pain. Antonio’s Recovery

How to Choose a Chiropractor. Mindy’s Method. 

I. Exercise Playlist

5 Better Back Exercise for Your Home

How to Fix Painful Bending, Lifting with Derek Wohlers

Better Balance with this Rolling Feet Exercise

I. Podcast playlist

Yoga -Mind & Body Health for ALL. Guest Hannah Urhi

Better Balance for Strength/Avoiding Falls.

CSP 067: Assess First,then Begin.Derek & Dr.Tony. Episode 1.

How Euclid Chiropractic serves the Community. Uptown Upland Show.

I. Interview Playlist

Helping the Senior Community. Right at Home Show

Starting a Routine after Quarantine. Derek & Dr. Tony. Episode 2

How to be Resilient in Tough Times. Guest Dr. Doug McKown

Helping Foster Kids through C.A.S.A. Guest Diane Smyers

How to Keep your Brain and Body Healthy. Dr. Tony on the High Vibe Nation

Healing, Physical Therapy and More w/ Henry of Advanced Sports and Body Therapy

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