CSP: 012: Tips from the Master Trainer, Jontrel of UnoZero Fitness by Upland Chiropractor

Jontrel, owner of UnoZero Fitness has been a master trainer in the Army, college cadets and now the public. In this interview Jontrel tells you the best way to avoid injury while training and how to build strength. This is your best defense to avoid physical injuries and tolerate the stress of your everyday life.

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Highlights (podcast times):

A master trainer in the Army (3:40).

Assess to check for weakness that can cause injury (5:20).

Importance of flexibility (6:20). Video clip.

As a College ROTC trainer (8:25).

Get better by always training (11:40).

Ego vs Patience (12:30).

What you want vs. need (17:05).

This App for accountability (19:00).

Start by feeling terrible (21:55).

Long-term benefits 60-90 days (22:55).

Change in attitude in about 14 days (24:40).

Jontrel’s end goal with clients (27:10).

Dr. Tony’s Wrap up (28:30).

You may have already experienced injury if you have already started physical exercise.  Working with Jontrel will assess any weak links that may have caused these.  Then you can reach your fitness goals (and keep them) with less chance of injury in the future.

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