CSP 011: Pilates Explained: Talk with Stephanie, owner of Om Sweet Om Pilates Center with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Pilates has been misunderstood relative to yoga and fitness training.  In this interview with Stephanie, owner of Om Sweet Om Pilates Center, explains how she uniquely teaches you proper muscle firing.  This allows injury recovery and building strength with flexibility by adding resistance bands at different tensions.  Let’s listen or watch this interview to learn how pilates can help you get and stay healthy.

Connect with Stephanie at Om Sweet Om Pilates Center:


1120 Dewey Way Suite E

Upland, CA 91786


Facebook Page


How Pilates differs from Yoga (1.50).

Correcting your firing pattern reduces injury (2:15).  Watch Clip.

Stephanie’s story why she started this center (4:20).

Better muscle/movement awareness prevent injury (5:10).

Certified Pilates training (6:15).

Yoga and Pilates similarities/differences in training (7:35).

Resistance training (8:05).

Helping osteoporosis recovery (8:40).

Pilates to live a pain-free life (9:35).

Why people 40 and over gravitate to Pilates (10:55).

Learning body awareness (13:15)

Pilates for Parkinson’s & neck pain relief (13:45).

The team at this Pilates center (14:55).

Common results for 2+ Pilates training (16:25).

Harmony: Reducing stress/better sleep through Pilates (17:05).

Examples of benefits (19:30).

The positive attitude to get/stay healthy (20:15).

Pilates vs. cross fit/weight training (21:50).

Avoid surgery with pilates (24:55).

Future vision: improve awareness/insurance coverage (26:00)

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (28:55).

Hope this interview helps you understand the specifics and uniqueness of pilates for recovery and training to help you live and healthy and injury-free life.  And long-term commitment to pilates can give you the overall health benefits to recover from medical conditions, relaxed, and tolerate the stress that we experience in daily life.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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