CSP 008: In-Home Healthcare after Emergency/Medical Care. Interview with Dan McGuire of Right at Home.

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Careful and timely rehab after a injury or medical condition can save a re-injury or scar tissue.  When you plan for then events Dan from Right at Home explains the stress caused by the costs can be reduced and your loved one’s (or yours) quality of life can return quickly.

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Show Highlights:

Home care vs. Medical care (0:50).

Have a plan (1:40).

Home care from a CNA.  Their licenses protects you (4:30).

When to start the preparing yourself/loved ones (7:30).

Right at Home’s study to help insurance coverage (8:30).

Why to prepare a budget for home care (11:25).

What NOT to do.  D.I.Y. (12:20).

A comparison to assisted living (12:45). The highlight

Importance of senior independence (14:00).

Prepare now to match personality for best recovery (14:45).

Working with a CNA: Patience->Trust->Recovery (17:15).

Sundowners. Your CNA can help (19:40).

An example of returning a senior’s quality of life (21:10).

Being Released from a Hospital…now what? (24:50).

Prevent scar tissue/re-injury by fast recovery (27:40).

After a severe medical condition or hospital stay, a licensed CNA gives you the best chance of returning quality of life.  Then maintaining your independence through routine healthy habits can keeping you well.

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