A Better Medical Office Experience for You. Training ROP Students in Oct. ’17. By Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

How was your last medical office visit?  Where the staff and doctor(s) professional and courteous?  This talk with pre-health students will help improve your future experience.  I try to give this ROP class guidance in making themselves competent and trustworthy with your healthcare.  Then patients can feel their diagnosis and treatments are in their best interest.

Highlights (times for podcast):

Benefits of students volunteering (3:40).

The future of healthcare job demand (7:30).

Why you need to hangout with winners (12:00).

Gaining patient trust (12:20).

Being the millennial generation is a benefit (21:20).

How to get liked (27:50).

*Caring in Healthcare (37:40).

Act as a professional (37:15).

Knowing your character and reputation (42:25).

Your social media can help you (45:10).

How/why to volunteer as a student (54:55).

Be with and for the patient (57:40).

This talk helped students understand the character needed to gain patient trust and be professionals.  When they become healthcare professionals, hope they can give us a better medical office experience that leave patients feeling better when they leave.

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