Modified Squat Exercise for Back Strength. Euclid Chiropractic

Here is the link to the full video. 

Physical rehab of your low back has different stages. To avoid injury (or re-injury): start with an removal of any pain in the back or legs, stretch, then you can begin strengthening.

After starting with the wall and chair squat (see related articles below), this modified squat changes your body position through the movement to strengthen your back.

There are 2 levels of difficulty: High and Moderate

High Difficulty Level:

A. Here are the steps and positions

Position 1: Stand with good posture.

Position 2: Lower your body ONLY where you can keep your back straight.

Moderate Level of Difficulty: Using a chair. 

A. Here are the steps and positions.

Position 1

Position 2:

If you have any discomfort or pain with this exercise, immediately ice after and check with your chiropractor on your next visit.

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