What Patients Say: Your Care Rating. Short Clip. Dr. Tony @9th Annual Innovative Conference

Full Video: Care Back into HealthCare. @9th Innovative Conference Outreach

If you provide a service or sell a product or looking for a job, do you worry about what people say about you?


All of us want to provide for our family and ourselves.  Working hard is your road to get there.  Then, if we work long enough, it should get a little easier years later.

How to get our “working hard” to pay off?  Answer: listen to what people say about your service or product you sell.

They (the customer or patient) are your best source of feedback.  This can done directly by asking them, or through independent reviews.

Looking at your Google, Yelp, Facebook reviews by previous customers says a lot about your service.

Then looking to improve through their feedback is your best source of increase your business success, I think.

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