Becoming a Healthcare Professional: Chat with Students (2016)


Dr. Ratkovic has 15+ years in a busy and growing Chiropractic practice.  He as trained over 10 interns, and seen them be successful in college pre-medical courses and beyond.  In this video/podcast, Dr. Ratkovic explains the steps to be successful before and during training as a healthcare professional.

Here are the topics cover in the full video (minute):

♦How are Chiropractors different than M.D.s (1)

Deaths from Medication (3)

♦Deaths from Back Surgery and Chiropractic (4:10)

Meritocracy healthcare (5:00)

What to do NOW, interships (6:45)

♦ Chiropractic schooling and work ethic (8:47)

♦ Work NOW in healthcare without a degree (11:30)

♦ Sorry…science class are required (12:28)

The need for more healthcare professionals (13:54)

♦Hospital vs. private practice…learn early (14:32)

♦Medical vs. chiropractic philosophy (17:26)- A similar article/video

♦Why you need to hang out with older people/seniors (17:54)

PMA and + personality (18:40)

♦Why she did not wake up (20:36)

♦What I want to know from patients (21:08)

♦The adjustment: noses, ears and why (21:46)

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap up (22:56)

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

Becoming a healthcare professional requires a certain work ethic, attitude and preparation.  By working hard now in school and getting real-world experience through internships and volunteering, you can find your reason why you want to serve others in healthcare.

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