Robert, “I couldn’t get out of bed.”

Robert found our office through our reviews, and wanted to find out why he was having excruciating pain in the morning.  He had tried massage and taken some non-prescribed medication, with no effect long term effect on his pain.  Robert would try to roll on a small ball on his back, some ice/head and still no effect.  Besides his neck, middle back, and low back pain; he had limited and painful motion in his right shoulder.

At his initial exam, Robert had assumed his past military service and recreational activities had contributed to his problem.  His x-ray analysis did should chronic changes in his spine including degenerative disc disease and an abnormal alignment of the bone causing a straight low back and straight neck.

Over a period of a few months, Robert was given adjustments, ultrasound therapy, specific spinal and posture exercises.  We then re-took his x-rays.  Robert saw the improvement on his new x-rays AND felt better at this time.

Watch his video as he explains this in detail.

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