Plank Exercise for Back & Core Strength

Here is the full video-

It is common advice that you need to strengthen your abdominals to have a strong back…correct!

The plank exercise allows you to do both.  The variations allow you to start with leg or other injuries until you get to more advanced plank variations.

Here are the step-by-steps in each variation.  Go to next variation when you can hold at least 30 seconds.

Phase 1: On your knees and straight arms.

Phase 2: Straighten legs to hold the plank position.

Phase 3: Drop to your elbows.

Phase 4: Raise one leg.

These variations of the plank will help you build core and back strength without movement.  A great exercise at anytime.  Go to our other exercises on our YouTube channel playlist.

Each person is at a unique state of health.

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