Pigeon Pose Stretch for Back and Sciatica Pain by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Sciatica pain comes from a low back spinal disc herniation.  This makes (usually one side) the hip and leg painful, weak, numb or burn.

After this nerve pain has reduced to a feeling of tightness, then stretching can begin.  This will continue relief.  Note: a stretch should NEVER be painful.  This can lead to re-injury of the area.  In this case reactivate the sciatic nerve pain.

The pigeon pose stretch is not be tried right after recovery.  Start with steps one and two (see video above).

After these early steps feel like a stretch (not a pain), then the pigeon pose alternative positions can be effective in relaxing the muscles tightened from back and sciatic nerve pain.

Here is another good example of a full pigeon pose.

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