Patients: What to Expect; Interns: Learn to Care at Euclid Chiropractic

Darlene explains how this chiropractic office works; for patients and interns.

Our office prides itself on providing personal and professional care to our patients.  We choose to help students experience this as interns, and learn the characteristics of caring in healthcare.

Patients get a glimpse of what to expect on your first visit.  From filling out paper work, 

consultation room, 

and then where patients are taken to our in-office x-ray facility. 

As a student Darlene competently explains how we analyze x-rays with patients. 

Great work!

Students are allowed to shadow the doctors during treatment (with patient permission),

and directly help patients with their therapies.

Patients’ responses to integrating students has been amazing.  Patients appreciate the extra attention an intern can give: helping with additional therapies, shortening wait times, and mediating questions between patient and doctor.

After about 7 years of making Euclid Chiropractic a teaching clinic, I have seen the improvement in patient care.  Teaching these students has improved my patient education: x-ray analysis (finding the cause of pain), exercise guidance and health habits creation.

Watch how Darlene experienced personal growth here:

Graduating from Euclid Chiropractic’s Internship – Darlene

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