Shoulder Pain Relief Part 3: Treatment & Exercises by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Poor Posture causes body pain and stress.  This can lead to upper back and shoulder weakness.

Here are the first 2 videos that allow you to start these exercises:

Should Pain Relief Part 1: The Exam

Shoulder Pain Relief Part 2: The X-Rays

When no pain is present, Chiropractic adjustments (to allow more spinal load during the motions) and these simple shoulder exercises will begin your recovery.

Action steps:

Stand against the wall with your heels, hips, shoulders and head (this video explains this):

First exercise: keep elbow against the wall and tucked into your side.  Turns arms out toward the wall, then back in.


Second exercise: elbows level with the shoulders, with arms straight out.  Bring your arms up toward the wall, then down to the starting point.


Third exercise: With hips against the wall move the feet forward one foot.  Also, angle your body 10 degrees off the wall.  Keeping the hand facing downward, raise the hands with elbows slightly bend to below shoulder height.  Hold for 1 second, then lower.


With each exercise, only go as far as you can where it feels like a stretch.

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