Stop Chronic Pain Relief through Medications: Your Alternative

Medication misuse is a growing, widespread plague throughout the United States.  The blame has been put on the patient in the past, and now the national medical association is seeing their fault.  In this paper, the AAFP calls for  “addressing the dual public health crises of under treated pain and opioid (pain medication) misuse/abuse at both the national and grassroots levels.”  This a great paper to understand how pain medication prescriptions have gotten out of control.

So what have patients under medical pain management care done in the past? Taken the drugs over and over again, being told their was no other treatment available.  In the meantime, a person’s quality of life deteriorates waiting for their next pill.

Janis’ story is an exception.  “By the grace of God,” Janis says she called our office looking for hope.  She had seen other chiropractors as well as other non-drug therapies, but had not help.

When she arrived, I honestly say she was a mess.  Emotionally anxious, physically in pain and psychologically in distress.

After taking and analyzing Janis’ x-rays, it was apparent her back surgeries did not include screws and rods put in the spine that would permanently stop motion.  Because we, Dr. Weaver and myself, could cause spine motion there was room to relieve Janis’ back pain, and improve her health.

In the video, Janis tells how she went through the withdrawals and her treatment perfectly, so I will not repeat it here.

Yes, after 8 weeks Janis’s physical and psychological health was better, but it was a rough road.

Chiropractic, and other alternative therapies to medications, are NOT made available to patients verbally by their doctor.  Specifically, when the medications are not helping.  Some advocates say, “this is a form of malpractice.”  You can form your own opinion.

Solution if you are taking medication and not seeing health improvement? Find alternative treatments ON YOUR OWN.  Don’t let your quality of life suffer as you procrastinate.

Every is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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