Paul & Olivia tells their Story of Back/Spine/Disc/Surgery Recovery

Paul has done heavy construction for years.  He was referred to Euclid Chiropractic about a year ago, and NOW understands the benefits of chiropractic care for his spine and disc problems.

Paul also know the value of paying it forward.  He has, and continues to, refer people to our office that do not know how chiropractic can benefit them.  Thank you Paul.

Olivia is deaf and had have several surgeries to remove spinal tumors.  Because of constant pain and insomnia, Paul (her husband) referred her to to our office to be checked out.  After the doctors determined it was safe, chiropractic treatment was performed along with spinal traction.  Now, 6 months later, Olivia has had constant pain relief and can sleep through the night.

Each person is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

Enjoy health from the inside out. 

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