Stress Solutions and Normal Behavior with Norina, LCSW. Clip

If your a parent, guardian or involved in a child/teenager health, then this video is for you.  Promoting a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem helps promote mental health, then actions to improve their character and life.

In this video Norina explains a few clips to help improve mental health.  First Norina explains normal behavior for a child/teenager.  This will help parents remove any anxiety if their child is healthy.  Or if an early session with a therapist can help detect any stress, and deter a child to slip into depression or change in behavior.

In the second clip Norina discusses natural ways to help a child/teenager relax.  This includes healthy nutrition and simple play.  Meeting with Norina can help parents and their child understand the normality of seeking an early consult to avoid the anxiety of not knowing a child’s mental state of health.

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