Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: September 2017

September…Schools are now in session♥

For our newsletter consistent readers, we hope the videos and articles keep you motivated to stay healthy.

For our new readers, we educate our patients that want to learn why and how to start and keep healthy habits.

Here are the 19 health articles, testimonials, talks covered in August 2017 and this month’s events:

“Exercise keeps me Healthy,” Claudia’s story

Claudia initial complaint was back pain down her leg.  She worked out regularly before coming to our office, but was suffering for a few weeks before coming in.  Watch Now…

Building Self-Confidence with Physical Training

This studio helps you get physically healthy and build you or your child’s self confidence. Here are the highlights from my interview with Jeremy, owner.  Watch Now

Low Back Pain Recovery and Surfing again-John’s Story

After many years of physical labor, arthritis and degenerative disc disease can be expected.  Watch Now

Here are less than a minute clips from our Workshops:

Strength Exercise for Low Back and Hamstrings

Normal Joint Motion prevents Arthritis

Your Health State effects Vision

Exercise Reducing Heart Stress

Build Strength and Balance to Get Up from the Floor

Here are the Full Videos.   Listen to them on The Crooked Spine Podcast.

CSP 001: Interview with Studio3Yoga: Yoga for a Healthy Body & Mind

Forward Head Posture: Exam and Recovery

Spinal Motion to Health Loop @Gibson Feb. ’17

CSP 002: Interview with Dr. Bob: Finding the Root Cause of Stress to your Body

Concussions & Neck Injury Neuropathies: Test & Recovery w/ Josh’s Story

Steps to Getting Up from the Floor Workshop @ Pacifica Senior Living June ’16

CSP 003: Interview with UFC Gym Ontario owner, Nathan

Chat to help Recovery from Spine Neuropathy @ Gibson July ’17

Parent Scoliosis Workshop @the office, August ’17

CSP 004 Interview with Jeremy, owner of California Black Belt Academy

CSP 005: Find the Right Massage Therapist for You with Ross Lockwood

August Events:

19th: Gibson Center: “Resolving Neck Pain.”  Location: Gibson Senior Center.  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. RSVP optional @909-981-4581. Time: 12:30-1:15

26th: Parent Scoliosis Education In-Office workshop: 10-11AM. RSVP encouraged.  Handouts included.

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