Leg Pain & Numbness-Michelle’s Recovery Story

Michelle came into the office from an Upland Chamber referral.  She has sought medical treatment for her leg numbness for several years, with no positive results.  She did not want to take medication because Michelle knew it would not fix her problem.

The last couple months before she came to our office Michelle started to experiencing increasing pain in the same leg with the numbness.  Fearing she would need surgery, Michelle came to our office looking to fan answer.  After seeing her x-rays, Michelle understood that her leg numbness and pain symptoms came from her low back spine conditions.

After weeks of adjustments, stretches, exercises, and massage Michelle’s pain was resolved and her numbness was 90% reduced.  Her new x-rays also showed the reason why she felt better.  The biggest accomplishment is Michelle could now bike ride and walk without the anxiety of feeling worse after.  Now, Michelle continues Chiropractic care to strengthen her back and live a healthy life.

Hope you watched her story.

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