Lower Stress/Relax. How to Practice Mindfulness with Michelle at Upland Cucamonga Chiropractor

There are many ways to relax.  Exercise, music, mediation to name a few.

To help our bodies and mind relax before or after a stressful day, practicing mindfulness like Michelle demonstrates today can take you less than five minutes.

Step one: find a quiet place. Prevent yourself from me distracted from your phone, TV or people around you.

Step two: place your body in relaxed position.  Here Michelle is sitting up with legs crossed.  Other examples are lying flat on your back, or reclining in a seat.

Step three: Start rhythmic deep breathing. Begin by inhaling deeply through your nose; then hold for 1-3 seconds. Exhale completely through your mouth.  Repeat this 4-5 times until you feel your mind and body relax.

Step four: start moving your neck in each direction when you inhale, then return to your relaxed upon exhalation.

From our previous talk with Dr. Louise Kelly, practicing this type mindfulness is most effective when done daily, even for just two to five minutes.

Then starting or ending your day in a relaxed state helps your body tolerate the stressors of our everyday life.

This will lower your risk of health conditions caused by stress.

Watch Michelle’s “Thoughtful Thursday” videos on Facebook to learn more about Mindfulness and stress relief.

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