Looking for Scoliosis Help?

How is it diagnosed? 

Which treatments work? 

Can it cause neck pain or back pain? 

Both the medical and chiropractic profession use x-rays (as shown below) to know if you have true Scoliosis. 

The left image shows a front, upper back view that curves in an “S-shape” instead of a normal straight spine. 

In the right image shows the front view of the  pelvis and hips tilted to the right, but the spine above the pelvis is slight bending the left instead of being a level pelvis/hips. 

When the X-rays show a true scoliosis, it can cause body pains and breathing problems. 

Medically the majority of treatment is a “wait & see” approach to see if it self resolves. This lapse in time can worsen the scoliosis where it can be #irreversible, and require #surgery. 

The chiropractic approach allow immediate #adjustments to re-align the bones to return balance to the pelvis/hips and straightening of the upper back. Then guidance in #posture and home #exercises can help the scoliosis resolve.