Keeping Healthy Habits through Buddy System. Clip from Foothill Family Shelter Talk

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Using Mentors, etc. to Get your Goals. -Helping Parents and Couples at Foothill Family Shelter

Many of us human struggle with keeping healthy habits.  It takes work.

Having a buddy system allow you to be accountable to somebody else if you don’t show up to your workout, eat healthy, or go to work.  We feel guilty.

This is why group training, group projects and families are so successful to reach an individual’s goals.  Example are crossfit facilities, and group H.I.T. training where group classes are made up people looking to reach the same goal.  Especially in the first 4-6 weeks when a person is working to make a permanent change.

So having a person who can encourage you (a buddy) or a mentor to guide you can push you when you want to quit, and encourage you when do well.

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