The Nerve-Health Connection (full video) in-office workshop May ’17

From pre-birth to death, your nervous system controls every function and repair of the human body. Your brain, spinal cord and branching nerves make up your nervous system:

This workshop explains human develop of the nervous system pre-birth and the stresses that can have an effect on our nervous system throughout life.  Then health/medical conditions can occur.

Here are the short video highlights from the full video:

“Spinal Cord tension by poor posture increases stress to every part of the body.”

Future highlights:

 6:00–Baby Spine Development

7:15–Spinal Cord stress effects

9:50–Normal Spine Motion prevents Arthritis

13:10–Why we need More Rest Time as we Age

17:45–99 y/o Dad stops Working

19:30–Increase Growth Hormones Bone Density Effect

23:00–How Nerves Work through millivolts

  1. “Nerves fire better, body functions better.”

26:20–Nerves effect Exercise

30:45–Nerves effect on Spinal Cord

31:20–Sympathetic nerves effect on Sleep

34:00–What is a good pillow?



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