How to Fix for Anxiety/Stress. Clip with Donna and Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Full video: CSP 022 Cancer: Staying Healthy during Treatment/Recovery

Our body has nerves, chemicals and hormones that keep a healthy body in a relaxed or stressed state.  The balance can be thrown off through trauma, injury, constant stress from our environment or poor food choices.

Have the imbalance for a short term, the body can handle.  Long term the body will adapt to the stress by changing your nerves to become irritated, and change your chemical and hormonal levels to make you feel “normal”.

This adaptation can cause anxiety, high blood pressure, constant pain, less sleep, chronic tiredness, weight gain and other health conditions.

Finding ways to relax your body can return nerve, chemistry and hormone balance to heal your body.  Self-therapy can be stretching, exercise, music, massage, and proper eating.

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