How to Find a Chiropractor by Their X Ray Analysis

Chiropractors whom analyze x-rays before treatment have safe and effective care by looking at the spine where the adjustment will take place.


X-rays are a one-dimensional photo of the spine that distinguish bone from soft tissues (muscle, ligaments and organs).  The bright white objects are the bone and the dark spaces are the soft tissue including air.


The medical analysis of an x-ray includes fractures and dislocations of bone; soft tissue tears and tumors.

A chiropractic analysis includes the medical analysis of an x-ray.  In addition, it includes comparing the individual and overall bone alignment (spinal curve) and disc spacing between the bones relative to a normal x-ray.  A positive finding can lead to reasons for pain or other neuropathy problems.  Even early causes of arthritis.

If a Chiropractor finds a positive signs in an x-ray analysis, then safe correction of the x-ray to reduce symptoms and return normal motion can occur through adjustments find more here.  And overall health can return through addition of exercises to return health and improvement on a second, comparative x-ray.

Each person is at a unique state of health.

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