How Irritated Nerves cause Pain, Headaches. In-office Talk Jan. ’18. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Short clip from the Crooked Spine Show Podcast-New Patient Workshop.

Pain in the body can come from different causes.  If trauma is not involved, then irritated nerves can be the cause.

Nerve conditions can present as pain, numbness, tingling, burning or weakness.  Especially if the nerve conditions occur away from the spine.

In this workshop, we explain how nerves can cause pain and other symptoms in the body.  This is why chiropractors choose to relax the nerves by returning motion and correcting the spine.

Effects of Spinal Misalignments (Chart)

Watch the full video/podcast:

“Nerve, Not Bone Therapy.” In-office Talk in Jan. ’18

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