4 Specific Steps to a Healthier You

From 2010 to 2016 more family and friends are take medications for diabetes, high cholesterol and pain.  This can lead to drug dependence and a lower quality of life.  Change one’s lifestyle, can help reduce or remove medication use and live a healthier and happy life.

So if you decide to get healthy, these are the four steps with specific lifestyle solutions:

Specific Exercises :

Examine your common day.  How much positional stress does your body experience from driving, sitting or standing?  Based on the amount counter the stress by opposite stretching and strengthening exercises.

For example, if your drive to and from work take one hour, and you sit at work for 4-6 hours that equals 6-8 hours of sitting per day. How can you incorporate specific exercises to counter that stress.  Try these:

Shaping Up Sitting Posture

Part 1: Intro. & Upper Body Stretches

Part 2: Low Back Stretches

Part 3: 3 Upper Back/Shoulder Exercises

Part 4: Low Back Strength Exercises


Exercise Handout

Specific Nutrition:

Like exercise, have meal and snack plans based on your common day.  It is usually healthier to eat meals you cook/prepare.  Can you cook/plan meals at home for the next few days?  If you need to eat lunch away from home can you bring a meal, or make plan a healthier choice if you need to grad a bite?  And can we keep healthier snacks at our work (protein bars, almonds, etc.) to keep us feeling full and provide energy.

Realize most Americans over eat by 20-40% per day!  Focusing on quality not quantity of food we consume is a good start.  Here is a handout we provide for our patients with quality suggestions:

Nutrition Handout

Specific Attitude:

How you feel about getting healthy is probably the most important.  You need to think long term.  Your habits have been in place for a probably a long time.  Anything you change now, may take 4-6 weeks just to see or feel the results.

Because your body is use to your current lifestyle, you will probably not feel good during this period.  As NIKE promotes: Just Do IT.  You need to commit yourself and/or have someone keep you accountable.  When you give yourself time and change your habits, then your body will change.

Specific Health Advocate:

Know that specific Chiropractors are the ONLY DOCTORS that do not treat common physical health conditions with medication or surgery.  They rely on your body’s ability heal itself to get and stay well.  Through an exam and x-ray analysis, Chiropractic treatment and specific posture exercises can help you improve your lifestyle and quality of life.

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

Enjoy Health from the Inside Out

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