Guidance To Become a Top-Notch, Self-Advocate for Your Health. By guest writer, Camille Johnson

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Guidance To Become a Top-Notch Self-Advocate for Your Health

Despite the efforts of government agencies and private institutions, health care can be a complicated and confusing area. You don’t have to feel defeated when soliciting the best medical attention available. Try these recommendations to secure excellent care so you can enjoy a long and healthy life.

Create a Filing System

You get more support from your health care providers and better understand your treatments and costs when your records are organized and ready for medical visits. A survey of physicians found that doctors wish patients would keep better track of notes from visits, treatments, and procedures.

A cabinet with hard copies is an option for your medical documents, but you can access records quickly from anywhere with a free online tool to store your medical images and x-rays in one file. As you receive new documents and pictures, you can upload them to the cloud from your device, merge them with the existing information, and download a new file for viewing. This goes for video as well; you can use tools that can quickly combine videos related to your health or medical conditions you have. Not only are they easier to upload to the cloud, but you won’t have to share multiple files with your doctor if they’re requested.

Start Living More Healthfully

Preventive maintenance is less expensive and leads to a longer life than trying to correct ailments with medication and treatment. Your health care team will appreciate your efforts to apply their advice and work more collaboratively with you.

Avoid crash diets and focus on eating nutritious foods in modest amounts for slow weight loss. Support your body with adequate sleep. If you struggle to get enough exercise because of a busy work schedule, use the stairs instead of the elevator and enjoy a walk while on your lunch break. You can also improve your posture and take a brief hiatus during the day for balance and posture exercises.

Ask the Right Questions

Talking down to your health staff or questioning every decision while suggesting the latest trend or treatment in advertisements could make your relationship adversarial. Research how to communicate effectively with your doctor and tackle problems as a team. Acknowledge their role as a professional, but don’t be afraid to ask valid questions about concerns, such as conflicts between medications and possible side effects.

Remain calm when questioning a statement your doctor makes. Prepare queries ahead of visits and arrive early so you can speak confidently and tactfully when you disagree with something.

Switch Providers When Necessary

If your doctor makes you feel uncomfortable or unsupported, never hesitate to find another physician you can collaborate with. Other reasons for changing a doctor include a move, change of insurance, or adjustment in your health care needs. While you may want to continue with your current provider out of convenience, regularly review your circumstances to ensure you are receiving optimal care.

Find a reliable and compassionate practitioner by reading online reviews and asking for referrals from friends and family. Your current doctor can likely provide a stellar recommendation if you’re leaving on good terms. You don’t have to inform your doctor if you decide to change health care accommodations, so never feel pressured to sacrifice your health for someone else’s feelings.

Find a Partner

You can learn more about being a better advocate by assisting a friend or family member during their medical visits. Assist your loved one with the aforementioned items and have them do the same for you. Your partner can accompany you to treatments and checkups and serve as an extra set of ears and eyes.

You have one life to live, so make yours the best possible with attentiveness to your health. Work hard as a self-advocate and reap the benefits of prioritizing your health care.

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