Graduating from our Euclid Chiropractic internship. Darlene. Our Program.

Most of us know someone who graduate from an institution this spring.  So did we.

Darlene came into our office anxious not to make a mistake, and low level of confidence that she could apply her four years of high school.

Over a period of 4 months, Darlene changed (explained in this video).  Through shadowing the doctors, learning the modalities through the staff, and developing x-rays Darlene became confident in her skills.

She smiled more, talked (most medical students are introverts), and had conversations with patients.

Euclid Chiropractic of Upland has had interns for 5 plus years.  Every semester schools funnel students to our office who want the experience in a career.  Dr. Tony talks how important this is in any field.  Interning and volunteer give students ability to taste a career before spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours for a higher education.  

Because Euclid Chiropractic and local schools are confident in its services to help our community, we are able to bring interns into our system to improve our patient care and help a person build confidence and self-esteem for students and patients seeking quality healthcare.

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