Neuropathy: Understand the Causes and Treatment of Spinal Nerve Pain @Gibson Jan ’17

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Having leg or arm symptoms of pain, burning and numbness can cause you go see your doctor for treatment.  The diagnosis is Neuropathy.  Most treatments include medications and pre-surgery preparations.  These treatments rarely reduced symptoms can cause permanent injury.  Here is the natural approach.

Causes and natural treatments explained in this podcast:

Stenosis -a common cause Watch  1:00.

Arthritis/bone spurs another cause Watch  3:10.

How the spinal disc wears down causing neuropathy Watch 5:10.

The effects of disc replacement 7:00.

How the disc stays healthy 8:40.

Inversion tables and decompression machines 11:05.

How is sciatica is caused Watch 14:05.

How to rule in or out neuropathy Watch 17:40.

Symptoms of neuropathy 18:45.

Dr. Tony’s wrap up 21:05

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

There is no video related to this podcast, so go to the links above to understand the details of recovery.  Recovery, when diagnosed properly, can occur through natural treatments like chiropractic and specific rehab exercises.  Then quality of life can return to enjoy health again.

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