Fix your pain, By fixing your spine. Javier’s X-Ray Analysis. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Here is how.

Unless there is a physical injury, most back pain can originate from your spine. Knowing what a normal Spine looks like can you help me determine if you’re back pain is coming from your bones.

Here is a normal low back x-ray:

Take note of the smooth curve, and the symmetrical disk spacing between the bones.

When the disc spacing is reduced and or the bones shift and become uneven, this can lock spinal motion, then cause pain.

Javier came into our office dealing with back pain for several weeks, and sciatic nerve pain down his left leg.  This lowered Javier’s quality of life by not being able to work and sleep.

Here is his pre-treatment x-ray:


Take note of the straightening of the spine, and the unevenness of the bones where they look staggered.

Javier was given about two months of treatment including chiropractic adjustments, exercises and stretching.

Here is his x-rays after two months of treatment:

Note the smoothness and increased curve of the spine, along with improved disk spacing.

His fixed spine can now handle more motion and stay strong to avoid pain.

So having an x-ray analysis can help you determine the cause of the pain, then fix the spine to fix the pain source.

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