Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: June 2021

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Summer is here. Are you ready?

In Southern California it seems to be the Great Reopening. Everywhere is busy: restaurants, beaches, parks, gyms, etc.

Regarding the gyms, I think some people are rushing to get ready for “The Show”; meaning try to get back to their pre-Covid workout strength exercise routine too quickly.  My reasoning for this is (as of today) I have seen 18 back injuries from dead lifting, and many more for other exercises.

People, we need to take it slow. Most people had to shut down their workout routine for several months at least. This can cause scar tissue around your spine, limiting your ability load your body with extra weight. If this is you, it’s time to increase your stretching AND see your local chiropractor to loosen your spine. Then you dramatically lower your risk of injury when working out.

The videos in this newsletter will help you understand how to move, sit and walk to improve your physical health; and the mindset to feel happy.

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I. Interview Playlist

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