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Is staying healthy your choice?

It’s the old debate-is it nature or nurture?

Traditional medicine for decades told us our genetics determine our health. Ir doesn’t matter how much we exercise or worry about nutrition or attitude, our bodies will eventually get sick and need medications; maybe even surgery.

A  new science is debating this philosophy. It is called EPIgenetics.

Recent studies prove that our lifestyle (healthy or not) is a better factor of long-term health.

This is why at Euclid Chiropractic adjustments are only part of the game.

Using specific exercises to improve posture and other healthy life changes can improve your length and quality of your life for years.

As Chiropractors our office treatments will help reduce nerve pain, improve spinal motion and heal spinal disc.

Then your routine exercises outside the office can get you stronger to tolerate your daily stressors.

Being a stronger, relaxed person is more up to you than your doctor will tell you.

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