Dr. Tony’s Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: October ’18

Let’s keep you healthy as we slide into winter.

Watch the videos and/or read the posts to understand what you need to start or continue doing to feel and look good.

Here are the Playlist of videos, testimonials, talks from August ’18 :

(Click the image for the full video)

Short Clips playlist

  1. Decelerate to go fast.  w/ Dr. Louise Kelly 

  2. Chiropractic helps mood/attitude. 

  3. How to find an Accident attorney w/ Taylor Fennel. 

  4. Neck pain relief exercises. 

Posture Exercises playlist

  1. Lower stress/relax. How to with Michelle. 

Health Education Playlist 

  1. How to fix your pain. Fix your spine. Joemar’s case. 

  2. Exercise: learn, then do for results. 

  3. Fix spine, fix pain. Javier’s case. 

Testimonials/Reviews playlist

  1. Back nerve pain relief. Joemar. 

  2. Less Pain, better mood. Jessica. 

Interview playlist

  1. Mindfulness to stay health & relax.  Michelle. 

Dr. Tony’s workshops (full videos)

  1. Lower body exercises for balance & posture @Brookdale. 

  2. Exercises for better posture, health @Rotary Club of Upland. 

Podcast playlist

  1. Happy Nerves, Happy Health. In-office Workshop June ’18

  2. CSP 031: Reducing Stress. Prepare for an Auto Accident now. Taylor Fennell 

  3. Upper Body Stretches for Posture @Brookdale July ’17 

  4. CSP 032: Interview w/ Narcie of Cable Crossfit. Trusted Trainers and Family Feel.

I. Events

11th: “Arthritis’ Pain: Reduce and Clear” Brookdale Senior Living-North Euclid. 1031 N. Euclid Ave Ontario, CA 91762. (909) 391-2622. Time: 10am.

18th: “Body/Spine Motion to Lower Stress/Relax”  Location: Gibson Senior Center.  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. RSVP optional @909-981-4581. Time: 12:30-1:15pm 

25th: “Control your Health and Mood by Relaxing your Body’s Nerves”  In-office workshop.  6:30-7:15.  Handouts provided.

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