The Benefits of Group/Boot Camp Training to Get/Stay Healthy with Chris, Upland/West Covina Fit Body Boot Camp

This short clip helps explain the benefits when you workout with others.  We are all at different health states and have a variety of goals when we perform physical exercise.

In the past 10 years, their has been a surge of boot camp style training facilities people have gravitated too.   Unlike past group training, it seems to be attractive to people looking for a quick, effective workout (35-45 min.).

Like military style boot camps, Chris at Upland Fit Body and other trainers have unpredictable, regimented workouts to get you healthier quick.

When you start after a few days of feeling “beat up” (lol), then you feeling the adrenaline rush and higher energy through the day.

Because you are with the same people most workouts and are feeling better, then the human instinct of making friends is easy.

Here is where it gets good: you actually feel bad if you miss a workout, or you motivate other to keep going.

Then you see the REAL health benefits after months of showing up.

Watch this video above⬆️⬆️

Go to the full interview to understand all the benefits.

CSP 013: Group/H.I.T. Training with UplandFitBody owner, Chris

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Warning: don’t start any workout if you have chronic pain.

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