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Cable Crossfit: Members Helping Members. Short Clip | Crooked Spine Show

At this Upland crossfit, new members are welcomed and guided not only by trainers but other members as well.
There is a genuine comradery that keeps everyone healthy and motivated.

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Contact and connect with Cable Crossfit:

1320 N Benson Ave
Upland, California

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Proper Sitting Checklist for Pain Relief @Gibson ’18 | Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Clip from our Low Back Pain Recovery workshop.

The average sitting posture promotes hunching forward, back & neck
pain, and overall fatigue.
Proper Sitting keeps in a good posture position to keep your back, neck relaxed.

Full Video, highlights, podcast:
And watch our other back, neck, shoulder, knee pain-relief exercises
thru Posture Exercises on YouTube:

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Stop/Prevent Arthritis by Motion. Clip @Brookdale June ’18 | Upland Chiropractor

Arthritis is not an age related problem. There is a plethora of evidence supporting joint motion to prevent and/or stop arthritis.

With pain, your doctor will tell you to NOT move. Then you body will tighten and weaken. Current studies prove motion reduces scar tissue after an injury, the start of arthritis.

Solution for pain can be motion. After you check with your chiropractor, get the green light to get your health back.

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