Carina, “Almost Fully Back to Normal.” Back Pain Recovery

Even people that routinely exercise, sometimes fall off the wagon.   Carina’s office job caused some back stress, and she maintained a routine workout schedule until a few months ago.  After falling out of the habit going to the gym, Carina’s back started to hurt…and did not stop hurting.

Carina came into the office with consistent, extreme back pain.  Without signs of trauma and being young, it was unusual to have this type of pain.  After an x-ray analysis, Carina understood that her pain was coming from poor posture and a weak back causing neuropathy from her spine.

After only a few weeks of chiropractic adjustments and returning to routine working out, Carina felt better.  Then we retook the x-rays that showed improvement.  The result is Carina will stay healthy now that her spine is a better normal and she will continue her posture exercises.

Do you know if your spine is healthy? 

Each person is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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