Brandon Saved from Spine Surgery

Over 20 years working at UPS literally broke his back.  He was experiencing constant, intense back pain and leg pain.  He could barely walk.

Brandon had thought the medications for pain was help him get better, then the medical MRI showed his spine wearing down. Their was nothing his MDs could do besides surgery.

When Dr. Ratkovic spoke to Brandon, and Brandon was given another approach to his spinal problem.  He came to Euclid Chiropractic, had a exam, x-rays then a report of his findings.


Brandon’s x-rays was far from this normal one (see image above), it did not have the normal curve in the spine or the normal amount of disc spacing.  This cause the disc to bulge/herniate, then pinch the nerve cause the constant back and leg pain.

Listen to Brandon tell his story of recovery.


Through Chiropractic care, exercise and massage (to break up scar tissue); Brandon’s x-ray has been corrected and he is able to work and live a life without pain.

Each person is at a unique state of health.

Call/book a free 20 minute consultation with either of the doctors, and see how to we can help you live a healthier life.

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