Balance Exercise for Back and Neck Pain Relief by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Getting help for pain with a chiropractor will give you a different treatment than your medical doctor.

Instead of medications your chiropractor may prescribe home exercises (with chiropractic care) for relief and full recovery to your normal health.

To get better balance start with 2 things: improving posture and better joint motion. This is another post, and both get your joints to stay relaxed to shift your center of gravity easier when you move.

Then this exercise will help you keep improving your balance and strength:

  1. Stand up straight.2. Touch the wall with 2 fingers, and walk with your head up. 3. Turn around then perform step 2 with eyes closed.  4. Repeat step 2 with eyes open heel-to-toe. Bonus: with your eyes closed.

This Balance Exercise will help you train your mind and body to keep balance; prevent falls/injuries.

Maintain a good posture and strong muscles will help you in a better state of health.

Here is the full video explaining the exercises needed to recovery and keep your balance:

Regaining your Balance Talk @Gibson Jan. ’18

Discover how Chiropractic can help you regain your balance.

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